Traditional Arts Fair Raffle

This year we are conducting our raffle online as well as in person. You can purchase in person in the Giftshop. Please check our current opening hours on the home page.

These beautiful artist made prizes have been kindly donated with all proceeds going to Buda.

$2 per ticket.

When you purchase tickets online, you will receive a receipt. We will print your tickets at Buda and place them in the draw in the traditional manner. The draw will take place on November 22nd, the day we were to have our fair this year.

$2 per ticket. You can choose multiple quantities of the options after you have added your tickets to the cart by simply clicking the + Plus sign
(or -minus sign if you make a mistake).

Eg: 5 tickets x 5 = 25 ticket $50
10 tickets x 2 = 20 tickets $40

1st prize – Box of Artist made Goodies by Andrea McKey

1st prize

Maker of functional and decorative glassware, glass and polymer clay beads, jewellery, mixed media mosaics, mixed media vignettes and handmade embroidered felt pieces to love.

Andrea is passionate about art, colour, patterns and the joy it brings to her life every day.  She believes in the joy of dreams, ideas and materials, the teaching, the learning, the making, the giving and receiving. Art is such a giver of joy, first to the maker, then the buyer and/or the receiver.

When times are tough and life seems a bit grey, a bright piece of art made with passion and joy will always elicit a rainbow smile.

2nd Prize – Screen print by Anne Langdon
720 x 500mm

Anne is a Central Victorian artist who has been involved in painting and mixed media working on both large and small scale canvasses. She also finds it interesting to combine prints and painting together which often creates a more textural collage effect. Her printmaking has been a consistent part of her practice and has been extended into textile based works but still maintained within a mainstream print genre.

Themes that she explores relate to people [usually women] and how they can interact with animals and the environment around us. One student described her work ‘…as a wonderland comes to life’ which encompasses the floating world and a strangeness that can sometimes challenge and invoke varied responses.

3rd prize – Textile sampler by Gloria Muddle
250 x 300mm

Gloria is a well known, highly commended artist, watercolour painter and a textile artist. She works in a contemporary style using landscape, flora and fauna as her subject matter. She was a regular contributor to the Buda Textiles awards.

The Andrea McKey Box

Buda raffle basket approximate value $760

  • 1 glass cheese platter
  • 1 mixed media mosaic photo frame
  • 1 handmade felt decorated greeting card
  • 1 upcycled cardigan with embroidery and crocheting
  • 1 vignette ‘Moving day at number 5’
  • 3 polymer clay handled parfait spoons
  • 2 glass bird pot/garden spikes
  • 2 glass happy heart pot spikes
  • 1 small glass dish
  • 1 heartfelt friend (doll)
  • 1 decorated indoor or patio plant pot
  • 1 glass bead bracelet
  • 1 copper and linen thread necklace
  • 1 pair of copper and coloured pencil earrings
  • 1 pair of glass bead and vintage piece earrings
  • 1 glass brooch
  • 1 polymer clay brooch
  • 1 happy day handmade felt and embroidered bird
  • 1 pair of glass millefiori studs