Explore Buda

‘Buda’  is an authentic house and garden surviving from the gold rush era in Castlemaine, Victoria, lovingly named after Budapest by its Hungarian owner, Ernest Leviny. It was home to the creative Leviny family for 118 years and houses their significant intact collection of furniture, art works and belongings.

Come to Buda and enjoy walking through the historic house where you will be transported to another era, in this Museums Australia accredited museum. Wander three acres of heritage garden featuring original plantings and structures, including the bird aviary, tennis pavilion and grape pergola, along with many original garden ornaments created by the Leviny family members.

Bertha Leviny and her daughters

The Levinys

Buda Facade 1893

The House

Tom Clips the hedge

The Garden

Glass Vase with butterflies

The Collection