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Buda Historic Home and Garden is of national significance. The house is an accredited museum with Museums Australia featuring the intact furnishings, personal belongings and art collection of the talented Leviny family who resided there over two generations for 118 years.

Buda is a charitable not-for-profit organisation supported by Mount Alexander Shire Council and is recognised as an important historical and cultural asset of Victoria. Buda is open for public viewing year round, and is complemented by an annual events and exhibition program.

Buda Historic Home and Garden

MANDATE: To preserve and promote Buda Historic Home and Garden, making it accessible for the education, appreciation and enjoyment of diverse audiences.

VISION: To be a vibrant place, enriching the visitor experience and appreciation of our heritage and offering an appealing spectrum of inclusive programs and events, to encourage new and return visitors to the property.

MISSION STATEMENT: Buda will enrich our communities with a better understanding and appreciation of Australia’s gold rush history, migration and the subsequent changes in society through the Leviny family’s lifestyle and cultural pursuits dating from the 1850s to 1980s. Buda will engage broader audiences to become involved in the arts, horticulture and heritage through an inclusive range of public programs linked with our key themes. 


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