The Foundation Fund

The Buda Historic Home and Garden Foundation Deed (2004), established our Foundation in order to assist Buda Inc with the important work of maintaining, curating, exhibiting, and improving the house and outbuildings, the garden, and the unique collection of art and artefacts. Providing the best possible facilities for visitors and implementing strategic plans for ongoing sustainability is also supported by the Foundation Fund.

The establishment of the Foundation Fund enables the Management body to plan more confidently and rationally for the future, without having to rely on other sources of funding, particularly for basic and recurring needs. It builds Buda’s stability and security with a definable structure for the future and makes supporting Buda more accessible for many patrons.

Buda House circa 1893

Since 1986, Buda Incorporated has managed and maintained the house, collections and garden with the generous assistance of grants, philanthropic funds, corporate sponsorships and generous private donations. Keeping up with the ongoing needs of the property has been difficult at times, as only minimal staff has ever been employed to ensure that the preservation and care of the property are undertaken within the ICOM guidelines and basic operations are adequately managed.