Free Demonstrations

We will be running a series of free demonstrations on three different stages all day at the Traditional Arts Fair

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Garden Stage

10.30am   Arts and Crafts Gardens – Ryan Garrett

Ryan is Buda’s Garden Curator. This will be a brief history of the arts and crafts movement and how this found expression in gardens, and also relating this to the Leveny family and the gardens at Buda.

12pm Gardening For Success – Dr. Helen Waite

Helen has taught in the fields of both general horticulture and viticulture and has been a volunteer at Buda since the 1980s. She enjoys a national and international reputation for her pioneering research and unique expertise. Successful gardens look good because they are full of healthy plants and are well maintained. Helen will look at the right plants, in the right place, at the right time, combined with regular attention.

1.30pm Planting Combinations – Ryan Garratt

Ryan is Buda’s Garden curator. We will look at selecting plants for cohesive plant combinations. As well as looking at flower and foliage colour, flowering heights and times we will also look at plant and flower form and the use of repetition.

Food Stage

10.30am   Air Fryer Scones – Liz Beck

This was such a hit last year we had to bring it back

12.00pm Saffron Butter – Squirrel Gully Saffron

Rosie Pamic will talk about how they started their farm Squirrel Gully Saffron, what you need to grow good saffron, how to get the most out of saffron, what it goes well with and she will explain what cultured butter saffron is and how to make it.

1.30pm    Apple Strudel – Peter Lukaitis

A Traditional Arts Fair favourite!

Traditional Arts Stage

10.30am  Making concertina books with photos or drawings – Diane Longley

The production of artist books has been an ongoing practice in Dianne’s work, ranging from unique hand-painted books to limited edition hand-printed books. Her finely crafted artist books are perhaps her most significant and characteristic achievement.

Dianne is currently master printmaker at Agave Print Studio.

12.00pm Twigs and Twine – Rae McPhee

An introduction to using ‘traditional’ simple “slow” hand tools and techniques – exploring the joyful delight of creating with twigs, twine and bits and pieces.

1.30pm     Felting – Little Grass Bird –  Beth Sayer

Beth creates readymade, customisable, and custom made needle felting and embroidery that make gorgeous unique gifts to give to someone special. She uses a specialised felting needle to sculpt the core wool into the shape before layering on coloured wool and adding any finishing touches.