Free Demonstrations

We will be running a series of free demonstrations on three different stages all day at the Traditional Arts Fair.

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Garden Stage

Colin Bain 10.30am

Learn how to manage fruit fly

Dean Beck 11.30am

How to make gorgeous seasonal wreaths using natural and garden materials

Katie Findlay 12.30pm

Spring and summer are key times to look after your fruit trees. Learn how to improve your crops and protect the structure of your tree with fruit thinning and summer pruning.

Ali Troupe 1.30pm

Ali will cover the topic of sustainable floristry, the elements and principles of design while demonstrating implementation by making a small vase arrangement

Carol Henderson

Buda plant identification.

Bring a photo or just ask a question of Buda’s Garden Curator

Food Stage

Liz Beck 10.30am

Liz Beck will teach us how to make the perfect scone

Rosemary Pamic 11.30am

Rosemary Pamic from Squirrel Gully Saffron will show how to make saffron cultured butter using one of their Cultured Butter Kits.

Alisoun Downing 12.30pm

Probiotics is the buzzword! How to make Kombucha.

Duang Tengtrirat 1.30pm

Easy and Delicious SE Asian Pickles. Learn how.

Liz Beck 2.30pm

In case you missed the morning session, learn how to make the prefect scone with Liz Beck.

Traditional Arts Stage

Little Grass Bird 10.30am

Beth Sayer, Little Grass Bird, will show you how to create readymade, customisable, and custom made needle felting and embroidery pieces.

Janette Wotherspoon 11.30am

Learn how to create a length of fabric and / or a wearable garment from what would normally be considered waste. 

Bev Ellis 12.30pm

Learn how to make and embroider simple shareable hearts, from the 1000 hearts project.

Diane Longley 1.30pm

Find out how Dianne found and uses her vintage benchtop 1950s printing press to create letterpress printing.

Kathy Rice 2.30pm

Kathy uses this soft plastics when weaving, finding it very therapeutic. It’s a great way to reuse plastics instead of throwing them out.