Connect the Dots

The Leviny’s in Castlemaine

Walking/driving tour of significant Leviny connections in Castlemaine.

Purchase of map includes entry to Buda Historic Home & Garden

Historical and modern photos

1. Buda Historic Home and Garden

Buda 2020 (Photo Vivienne Hamilton) Buda Circa 1893

2. Argyll

4. Kaweka

Plans by Ernest Leviny

Present day

5. Rathlury Demolished 1970

6. Leviny’s first jewellery shop

Canvas and weatherboard shop was in the Market Square. Now Victory park

Market Square, Castlemaine, Forest Creek 1855 S. T. GILL Courtesy NGV

7. Leviny’s second shop

Photo of shop as Goodwin’s Café 1870 (Buda Collection)

8a. Was rented to G.C Coles, now Hot Variety

Barker St and Post Office. 1915:1921 Courtesy SLV

Coles, Barker Street, Castlemaine, 1946 | Victorian Places

8b. Cnr Barker St Shop

Built June 1869. Demolished 18/10/1978 Victorian Heritage Database

9. Lyttleton St Shops

10. Town hall

Town Hall and School of Mines, Castlemaine | Victorian Places

11. The Victoria Hotel

Photo 2024: Vivienne Hamilton

12. The School of Mines

Town Hall and School of Mines 1907

13. Anglican Church

Anglican Church circa 1900 courtesy of Ken McKimmie

“To the glory of god and in memory of Ernest and Bertha Leviny and family” Photo: Mandy Leveratt

14. Castlemaine Art Museum

Castlemaine Art Gallery opening in 1931 (Photo Courtesy SLV)

15. Castlemaine Railway Station

Castlemaine Railway Station 1915 (Photo courtesy Victorian Goldfields Railways)

16. Mechanics Institute